Preventive Maintenance

Guardian Preventive Maintenance Program

The operating performance of your Weber slicer is crucial to your business. That‘s why Weber, Inc. now offers a custom-made Plan for Your Plant. Utilizing OEM parts on your Weber slicers will maintain optimal speeds, accuracy, and reliability all while driving down Total Cost of Ownership.

  1. Review All Weber Slicer Parts Consumption
  2. Identify Opportunities for Lead-Time Reduction
  3. Discover Parts Available for Cost Reduction
  4. Design and Review Your Plant's Parts Program
  5. Execute Parts Plan

Customizing Your Parts Needs

After a comprehensive review and audit of your Weber slicer‘s parts purchasing history, Weber will develop a purchasing plan that will have you spending less and seeing more value in using OEM parts. You chose a Weber slicer for its speed, reliability, and accuracy. Together, we will design a purchasing plan that will keep your Weber slicers operating just as you intended.


  • Less Maintenance
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Efficient Parts Inventory
  • Lower Cost of Ownership


  • Weber OEM Quality Parts
  • Lead-time Reduction
  • Stocking Reduction
  • Utilization Reduction