We are Weber.

Weber for more than three decades has served red meat, pork, poultry and cheese processors from around the globe, with our solutions enabling a strong customer-base on all continents to accomplish maximum efficiency. Our experience and in-house manufacturing of virtually all machine components has allowed Weber - from its headquarters in Germany to virtually anywhere in the world - to be uniquely positioned to create ideal customer- and product-specific applications. Our unmatched ability to work efficiently with all packaging machinery makes Weber a valuable resource to assist in the custom design of your entire production line.

Renowned for unsurpassed throughput, trouble-free performance and hygienic operation that is demonstrably superior, Weber is recognized as the world leader in the design and manufacturing of highly sophisticated Slicing Systems that appreciably add great value for processors of all sizes. In addition to our slicers and our own strong brand of both standardized and customized Weber Durablades, we manufacture a broad offering of skinning and derinding machines that make quick work of removing fat, rinds, skins and tendons from meat, while reducing product waste to near zero. Our second-to-none approach of integrating smart and efficient Weber Food Robotics means an additional plus in profit that you can clearly feel in your daily operations.

As you may wish to discover on this website (through our Product Finder and other features), everything we do starts with you. Yes, we are convinced our machines will help you greatly, but it is your demands and applications that are number one. So now you will be able to not only select a machine and see what it can do, but you will start with telling us what YOU need to accomplish and we will then suggest the how-to. Whether you have relatively small floor space or you are a high-volume processing business: Weber serves all our customers with the same professional and personal approach to efficiency and diligence. We provide machinery, technical support and 24/7 service to all our clients and partners in retail, food service, deli and QSR operations.

Kansas City, Mo., has been the home to our centrally located North American Technology Center and Product Demonstration Facility for many years now, allowing our customers in the Americas easy and quick access to both excellent manpower and all parts.

Guenther Weber, Founder and Principal Owner

The success of Weber is very easy to explain: It is our convincing performance and service that create true enthusiasm. With uncompromising quality, innovative solutions and individual service. That is the basis for our reputation as a leading "High Tech Company". Worldwide. I am only satisfied when our customers are, too. Meeting this priority is an obligation for all our employees - past, present and future. Our markets are changing at an incredibly high speed. That is why in everything we do we are constantly moving forward. You can count on that!