More than 35 Years of High Tech

Weber Timeline

    • 2018
    • Groundbreaking ceremony in Werther

      With a groundbreaking ceremony the construction work for the new Weber Maschinenbau plant startet. In Werther, an office building and a workshop with a total area of around 6,000 square meters are being built. In the future, components as well as forming/sealing dies and cutting tools for thermoforming packaging machines will be manufactured here.

    • Weber Slicer S6 represents the premier class of slicing

      Maximum Performance. Best product yield. Highest quality. The Weber Slicer S6 unites all these requirements and has established itself as a high-performance machine for the effective and portion-accurate slicing of numerous applications. New technical equipment highlights of the Slicer flagship, such as the unique quadruple track-independent interleaver, the new blade and blade head system Durablade Performance as well as vacuum grippers ensure maximum product yield and minimal give-away.

    • Tobias Weber becomes CEO

      Since 01/01/2018, Tobias Weber holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Weber Maschinenbau. Thus, he is assuming overall responsibility within the Weber Group. Tobias Weber has been a member of the management board since June 2016.

    • 2017
    • Weber Cheese Innovation Days

      In November the first Weber Innovation Days took place. For three days it was all about cheese at Weber Maschinenbau and, in particular, how it can be processed as profitably and intelligently as possible. Over 200 guests from all over the world responded the invitation to Breidenbach and were inspired by a varied program of lectures, machine demonstrations and partner exhibitions.

    • Weber expands international business

      Additional sales and service companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Central America & Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Croatia start operations on 1st of July 2017.

    • Schröder Maschinenbau is becoming a member of the Weber Group

      Schröder Maschinenbau KG has become a market leader in curing technology worldwide, and has also recently successfully established itself with its own packing machines. Ever since their foundation, both companies have had friendly ties and have followed many common paths. With in-depth expertise in process technology, the high quality of packaged goods will not begin only during slicing, but in mastering complex line functions.

    • Weber Maschinenbau is bearer of the iF design Award in 2017

      For the compact and at the same time ergonomic design of the Weber Slicers S6, the company wins this year’s iF Design Award, a world-renowned design prize.
      The new Slicer model introduced at IFFA 2016 convinced the jury with his compact and at the same time dynamic design which fulfils, besides, all demands with regard to ergonomics and hygiene.

    • 2016
    • Weber and Textor: Slicing systems from one source

      In 2011 Textor has amended the Weber portfolio. This has been well accepted in the market. Weber group now offers slicing systems of both Weber and Textor from one source for Germany and the subsidiaries. Sales in Germany is devided into three sections in the western, eastern and southern part of the country.

    • Weber presents novel transport system WSS at IFFA

      The Weber Shuttle System (WSS) has raised the bar in food production. WSS transports single portions gently and precisely to one or more stations. WSS is flexibly expandable: from simple entry solutions to high-end lines for complex infrastructures (as a standalone solution or coupled with existing Weber slicers).

    • 2015
    • Weber to remain a family-owned company

      Owner Guenther Weber has transferred a share in the company to his sons Tobias Weber and Hubertus Weber, making them stakeholders in Weber Maschinenbau GmbH. Tobias Weber has been working for the company since 2009 and heads the applications technology department. Hubertus Weber is currently studying physics at the Technical University of Berlin. Guenther Weber retires from active business. Operational management is in the hands of Mathias Duelfer (Chairman of the Board), Hartmut Bloecher and Dirk Kleinwaechter.

    • Weber purchases majority share in Wente-Thiedig GmbH

      The merger with the longtime development partner reinforces the potential for the next generation innovations in the area of scan technology. The company, based in Braunschweig, Germany, has long supplied Weber with camera and image processing systems for use in optic weighers and scanners for slicers and pick robots.

    • 2014
    • Weber Maschinenbau welcomes 1000th employee

      Samuel Pfister was recruited as the 1000th employee, accepting a traineeship with hopes of becoming a construction mechanic.

    • Weber Variety Pack System

      At the international packaging trade show Interpack, Weber unveils its new Variety Pack System. It automatically combines several varieties of different products into one package. The modular system combines multiple slicers via a belt system and offers different infeeding methods. Weber Variety Pack System does not only meet the highest hygiene standards, but it is also perfectly adaptable to the spatial constraints of each individual food manufacturer.

    • Automated production system in Gross Nemerow

      In the course of a substantial investment in a new production line consisting of five milling machines, Weber now makes use of a robot at its Gross Nemerow site. The robot is able to control several machines and to equip them with parts without any human intervention. Thus, production can continue fully automated and unmanned – even during rather unpopular night and weekend shifts.

    • 2013
    • Line production introduced in Breidenbach

      After its launch in Neubrandenburg, line production is also introduced in Breidenbach. In this system, the machines being produced pass through individual stations at fixed cycles during the assembly process. Particular advantages of the new production process also include considerably increased productivity and shortened throughput times.

    • Weber World of Slicing

      „Weber World of Slicing“ fascinates at IFFA in Frankfurt/Main. At the major industry trade show Weber offers several innovations focusing on efficiency and hygiene and receives a lot of positive customer feedback and clearly increased visitor numbers at the Weber booth compared to the previous IFFA.

    • Weber Maschinenbau wins Red Dot Design Award

      The new Weber Power Control user interface was honoured with the renowned Red Dot Award in the category Communication Design.

    • 2012
    • Production „on a roll“ in Neubrandenburg

      Building two new halls with over 3,000 square meters of capacity allowed Weber to fully re-conceptualize production in Neubrandenburg, Germany. The order of assembling parts now chronologically follows the logical assembly of any machine‘s functionality.

    • Used components in Breidenbach

      Under the slogan „As Good as New“, Weber offers used and completely overhauled components and even entire lines for further use. This project has its own hall at Weber where a team is refurbishing used slicers and modules. Thus we can guarantee our customers to receive second-hand machines at the highest level of quality.

    • Slicing and automatic picking of fresh meat

      Thanks to the commitment of Weber`s application department it was possible for the first time to slice precise weight portions of fresh meat – for example steak – with a Weber slicer, and to portion and infeed it automatically with a pick & place robot into a package.

    • Durablade®

      Weber now distributes its own blades under the trade mark „Durablade®“. Weber customers get high quality, long lasting circular or involute blades made out of stainless steel for an attractive price. Besides the usual order channels – like phone, email or fax – the customers can also place an order at the web shop.

    • 2011
    • Grand Opening Weber Russia

      By opening a new branch in the Russian Federation Weber carries out another important step in its strategy to act within the environment of the Eastern European boom markets. Next to the Russian Federation the Weber team is also responsible for supporting clients in neighboring countries like Ukraine.

    • 30 years Weber Maschinenbau

      Within the past 30 years, the small enterprise has turned into a market and technology leader in the field of meat and cheese processing system engineering. Staff grew from the former five employees in Breidenbach to nearly 800 colleagues in ten business locations in Europe and the USA.

    • Textor

      Founding of the TEXTOR GmbH in Wolfertschwenden, Germany. The product range includes „smart & easy“ machines, for customers with individual application areas providing technological alternatives to the Weber portfolio.

    • 2010
    • IFFA: Quadruple Weber Pick Robot (WPR)

      Weber presents the latest developments in food robotics with the quadruple pick robot WPR at the most important show of the industry. The pick-and-place robot works fully automatically and with highest precision.

    • Manager Magazine: "Weber is world market leader"

      We all have supposed it was so for a long time, but the final acknowledgement just came out in 2010: The renowned German ”Manager Magazine” puts Weber on its list of the "1,000 German world market leaders". The enrollment followed a study of Berlin based economist Prof. Dr. Bernd Venohr.

    • 2009
    • CCS 701 Fresh Meat Slicer

      Weber presents the CCS 701, a slicer that is specially designed to slice fresh meat.

    • Tobias Weber joins the company

      Tobias Weber (*1979), Guenther Weber's oldest son, joins Weber Maschinenbau and takes over the applications department one year later.

    • Presented: Slicer 905

      At Anuga FoodTec, Weber presents the new slicer 905. It is characterized by an extremely wide cutting throat and Weber’s new blade technology. Up to six products in caliber 100 mm can be sliced at the same time.

    • Open doors in Breidenbach

      On April 25st, Weber Maschinenbau arranges an open day in Breidenbach. Almost 2.000 visitors take the chance to gain insight into the high tech company.

    • Weber opens locations in Eastern Europe

      Weber Poland is founded in Warsaw and starts to work in spring. Following the successful start of Weber Poland, the company's management decides to open further branches in Brno (Czech Republic) and Cluj Napoca (Romania). Both of the new establishments are a piece of the greater strategy to act in direct proximity of customers in the meat and dairy industries of Eastern Europe.

    • 2008
    • Inauguration of Weber "think tank" in Neubrandenburg

      On an area of about 1.000 square metres fourteen new offices were built. Amongst others the department of development and construction is placed in the new building. Therefore the building has got the nickname “think tank”.

    • Compact Loader

      Weber Maschinenbau presents the new Compact Loader (CPL) at the exhibition Process Expo in Chicago, USA, for the first time.

    • 2007
    • Weber Food Robot & Weber Pick Robot

      Weber presents the Weber Food Robotics at the IFFA in Frankfurt. They offer opportunities for individual applications in the food industry. The space-saving systems solve complex tasks like creating various presentation forms and precisely feeding into packages and onto sandwiches.

    • 2006
    • 25 years of Weber Maschinenbau

      In recognition of our silver anniversary worldwide, Guenther Weber was honored this spring to have a street in Breidenbach, Germany, renamed to commemorate his contributions to the region and his worldwide achievements.

    • Quadruple interleaver

      The anniversary year brings even two technological highlights: Slicer 304 is now expandable to a complete system including weighing machine and interleaver. Also, top class slicer 904 now comes with optional quadruple interleaver to satisfy our customer’s demands.

    • Grand opening Weber, Inc.

      The completion of our North American Technology Center and the introduction of our newest model 304 highlight the first half of Weber´s 10th anniversary year in North America.

    • Grand Opening in France

      Opening of the new branch "Weber France" near Paris.

    • 2005
    • New facilities in Gross Nemerow

      Weber opens a third manufacturing facility in Gross Nemerow, Germany, helping to trim delivery times and to provide new in-house opportunities for manufacturing our new line of „super stainless“ steel blades.

    • … and in Kansas City

      Groundbreaking ceremonies in Kansas City, Missouri, kicked off construction of the new North American Technology Center, intended to provide our customers with improved access to product testing and demonstration, parts inventory and training classes at Weber U(niversity).

    • Weber Highlight Slicer 904

      Model 904 – the world´s most powerful, productive and hygienic slicing system – kicked off the newest generation of Weber slicers, incorporating everything we have learned about slicing technology in our 25 years of business.

      Weber sells slicer #2500.

    • 2005
    • Weber Benelux founded

      To be even closer to our customers and to provide them with even faster service, the new Weber location close to Rotterdam (Netherlands) opened its doors in December 2005. A continuously growing team of employees in sales and service takes care of our customers in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

    • 2004
    • Affordable advantages

      With the new compact model 302, Weber reaches even the smallest meat and cheese processing firms. Its persistent performance and functionality is able to compete with the big ones.

    • 2003
    • Technology evolution continues

      Weber´s unbeatable design team sets new standards by introducing the “intelligent” Scanner,capable of using two cameras and a laser array to “map” the content of any product for efficient slicing and portion control.

    • Ten Principles of Sanitation Design

      Working cooperatively with customers who are members of the Equipment Design Task Force, the “Ten Principles of Sanitation Design” were composed. Weber further commits to exceed accepted standards.

    • 2000
    • Weber grows and grows

      The completion of our Neubrandenburg manufacturing facility was perfectly timed to meet exploding worldwide demand. Today, Neubrandenburg is the largest Weber production site.

    • 1999
    • Leadership in food safety

      The introduction of Weber´s mid-sized model 602 heralded a new generation of Weber hygienic designs, further raising the bar on our well established position of leadership in sanitary operation and clean up ease. Since then every element of every machine design has been re-examined with critical eye.
      Even the smallest parts that we design and manufacture internally have been carefully formed to eliminate potential problems and meet the stringent standards exclusive to all Weber machinery.

    • 1998
    • Machine learning in mechanical engineering – Weber's first optical scale

      Weber´s revolutionary vision-powered slicing system was another big leap in technology. Designed to visually measure and instantly adjust portions based on the voids in Swiss cheese, the system is also capable of analyzing and adjusting slices based on fat-to-lean ratios on meat.

    • 1997
    • Cheese, please ...

      Introducing the superior interleaver in 1997 extended Weber´s reach to a new market of cheese processor. At the same time, new presentation options are made available for customers in the meat processing business.

      Weber sells Slicer #1000.

    • 1996
    • Weber establishes the first international subsidiary

      Norbert Muehlich sets up the first Weber sales and service office in Kansas City. Since Weber is accepted as the gold standard of slicing technology, North American processors were given expanded access.

    • Industry 4.0 at Weber begins: Machines become networkable

      Two revolutionary developments at the same time have found their way into Weber: from now on it is possible to reset mean value information on all weights of the running charge across the entire production line – from the final checkweigher back to the slicer. In addition, the first open Weber data interface is put into operation.

    • 1995
    • Turntable for party trays

      Introduction of the turntable for the presentation form round shingled (party tray), designed for a customer application.

      Weber sells Slicer #500.

    • 1990
    • Weber is a pioneer for automation solutions

      Automatic loading of sliced products into packaging machines was another Weber innovation, helping our customers to boost productivity while reducing their labor costs and human contact with processed products.

      Weber sells Slicer #100.

    • 1986
    • Weber begins the slicing revolution

      CCS 7000, Weber´s first slicing system, resulted from three years of intensive research, development and design investment. Revolutionary in its hygienic design and all-stainless construction, this servo-controlled system featured greater slicing capacity than any other machine on the market.

    • 1983
    • Full speed ahead

      Weber´s beginnings were well-timed to take advantage of the early days of IFFA, the international tradeshow that is now our industry´s largest machinery showcase.

    • Weber Derinders

      Early Weber derinders could enthuse our meat processing customers with their faster performance, greater worker safety and unmatched reliability. Skinner ASB 1000 was among the first Weber solutions brought to market.

    • 1981
    • The journey begins …

      January 2, 1981 Guenther Weber signed the articles of incorporation founding Weber Maschinenbau in Breidenbach, Germany. Expanded several times, the original plant in Breidenbach remains our corporate headquarters.