Customized Training

Guardian Training Program

Our hands-on training is second to none without any "off-the-shelf" where one manual fits all. We pride ourselves in developing and installing the perfect fit for all our customers, training your operators and technicians with the individual set of skills they need for your optimal results.

The operating performance of your Weber slicer is crucial to your business. That‘s why Weber, Inc. now offers a Plan for Your Plant. Utilizing a customized curriculum based on your specific goals will help maintain your optimum slicing efficiency, reduce downtime, and minimize product loss on your slicing line. After our initial training needs assessment of your Weber associated personnel, Weber will develop a customized training plan based off of your needs. Weber then tracks all development progress on your journey to a fully trained staff.

You choose a Weber slicer for its speed, reliability and accuracy. Together, we will design a training plan that will help you get the most efficient performance of your Weber slicer on a daily basis. As part of our partner promise, Weber has designed a training process to ensure your team is fully-trained:

  1. Operator and Maintenance Staff Assessment
  2. Post-Assessment Scoring Presented to Leadership Team
  3. Pre-Slicing Development Plan Outlined
  4. Operator and Maintenance Training Scheduled with Equipment Prior to Shipment
  5. Installation and Start-up
  6. Hands on Training in Plant
  7. Post-Installation Operator and Maintenance Assessment
  8. One-Month Refresher Training
  9. Quarterly Check-In Assessments

Our Commitment to Your Facility’s Success: All training will be administered by one of Weber’s Certified Trainers. Thank you for your trust and please know that Weber is thrilled to go on this slicing journey with you.

Guardian Training Video


  • Reduced Downtime
  • Yield Improvement
  • Decreased Giveaway


  • Customized Training Plan
  • Train the Trainer
  • On-site and In-house Training