Weber, Inc. Honored with Hormel’s Spirit of Excellence Award

Weber, Inc. has been awarded the Hormel Spirit of Excellence Award for meeting supplier standards throughout 2014. “I am very proud of our team and what each member contributes to making our customers successful,” says Jarrod McCarroll, CEO, Weber, Inc.

Hormel defines and measures supplier performance, their adherence to delivery schedules, and the superior customer service and support given to Hormel over twelve-months. “Being a recipient of the Hormel Spirit of Excellence award is definitely an honor and one that we at Weber truly appreciate,” says McCarroll. “This award not only encompasses equipment performance, but also the service and support that accompanies our products.” Weber uses the award as a barometer. It’s an opportunity to have an open dialogue with the Hormel team and continue to improve.

Weber is recognized as the world leader of sophisticated meat and cheese slicing systems, technical support, and 24/7 service to a wide variety of the retail, food service, deli, and QSR operations. North American red meat, pork, poultry, and cheese processors have been adding the value for nearly 20 years. Weber also manufacturers and services skinners that can reduce product waste to near zero.


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