Robust and efficient machines for our partners in the industry.

ASB 460/560/770

The top models for industrial applications offer the latest technology and highest quality: As robust high performers in industry, the derinders ASB 460, 560 and ASB 770 are shining examples of pioneering technology...
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ASP 560

Well-rounded: The ASP 560 derinder was designed specifically to process round cuts such as ham, shoulder and haunch.
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ASP 560 D

Doubly well-rounded: The Skinner ASP 560 D is an open derinding and defatting machine for round cuts, such as ham, shoulder and haunch.
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ASD 460

The smart solution: Fully-automatic defatting machine ASD 460 enables removal of fat layers from loins and cutlets in predefined strengths.

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AMS 533

One for many purposes: Powerful skinning machine for large and small cuts of beef, veal, pork, turkey, horse and game. The Skinner AMS 533 offers an ideal cutting width for processing large cuts, such as beef topside....
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Combination machine for thick and thin: The AMS 533 TWIN skinning machine is particularly suited to processing cuts with thick tendonsand skin, such as pork loin, pork silverside, beef or veal silverside and boiled...
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